Department of Biological Sciences comprises of Microbiology, Biotechnology, Zoology and Environmental Sciences.
SVDC offers two B.Sc. courses in Biological Sciences – Mi.Bi.C.(Microbiology, Biochemistry and Chemistry) and Bt.Z.C. (Biotechnology, Zoology and Chemistry).Mi.Bi.C. Course was started in 1997 and Bt.Z.C. in 2003. In 1997, the strength of the students was 30 and now the strength of the students is more than 250.
The subjects offered in the Dept. of Biological Sciences undoubtedly are major fields of Sciences and pave way to pursue a career in Research, Medicine, Food and Cosmetic Industries, Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries, Agriculture Sciences, Veterinary Sciences, Clinical Research, Immunology, Reproductive Biology, Genetic Engineering, Bioinformatics, Neurobiology, Molecular Biology, Drug and Chemical Industries, etc. By the end of the course, students will have broad understanding of Biological Sciences and specialization in the chosen area. The students can develop strong practical skills and a number of transferrable skills including the ability to collect and analyze the data, and could able to communicate effectively and confidently.
Vastly experienced faculty nurtures the students from the grass root level. The faculty plays a pivotal role in encouraging, training and helping the students to prepare for their higher studies. State of Art Laboratories in SVDC helps the students to have hands on experience in various techniques.

Faculty of Biological Sciences

1 Head 1
2 Faculty of Microbiology 2
3 Faculty of Biotechnology 1
4 Faculty of Zoology 1
5 Faculty of Environmental Studies 2

All the members of the faculty except one are doctorates and have published several papers in Journals of high repute. The faculty regularly attends FDPs, Seminars, Workshops and Symposia in various Universities and enrich themselves with latest techniques and research. In January, 2017 faculty attended 104th Indian Science Congress at S.V. University, Tirupati and interacted with Scientists and Nobel Laureates.

Students Achievements

  • P. Rehman (2014 – 2017) won Prathibha Award for getting the highest marks at undergraduate level in SV University.
  • After the completion of B.Sc. in SVDC, some of our students opted careers in the field of Medicine by completing Postgraduation in Medical Anatomy and Medical Physiology. Some students are working as Faculty in Medical Colleges.  One student is pursuing research in prestigious AIMS, New Delhi.
  • Students have secured I rank in various PG entrance tests.
  • Several students are pursuing their research in foreign countries like UK, Korea, Australia, USA etc.
  • Students secured jobs in the Campus Recruitment Drive (both On Campus and Off Campus) and are employed in Dr. Reddy’s, India Health Care BPO, AGS Health Care, Innovare Labs, Genpact etc. The list is given below.
S. No Year No. of students selected
1 2013 – 2014 2
2 2014 – 2015 5
3 2015 – 2016 5
4 2016 – 2017 11

Students of Biological Sciences who were recruited in Software Companies completed MS from BITS, Pilaniare now designated as Software Engineers.