Student Life

We are committed to providing the best of the facilities to our students, in any form that will help better themselves. Various programs and courses are offered with an aim to enhance their staying period a better one. “A home away from home” is taken seriously in both the hostels for the boys and girls and we strive to make this adage be faithful to what it means. Rooms with all the right facilities and healthy food in a clean campus are facilitated.


A healthy mind in a healthy body is our motto. We lay emphasis on field physical activities like Cricket, Tennis, Basketball, Volley ball, Football and many such sports.  Apart from studies, students are encouraged to take active part in sports and other cultural activities. Winning or losing doesn’t matter for us and we at SVIS encourage our students to participate in all competitions. Expert players are however given encouragement to compete at the highest level under the guidance of expert coaches.  We take extreme pride in seeing our students compete in state and national levels.

Residential Education

Dr. M. Mohan Babu’s dream has been culminated in everything you as see as the sprawling campus, mega infrastructure hat adequately catersto every need of the student, whether it intellectual or physical, state-of-the art facilities. Great care and attention has been taken to provide only the very best to the students. The atmosphere is designed in such a way to promote a healthy living. All the dorms are spacious and each dorm has a spacious study room that is well ventilated with windows covered with mesh. Here, studying andenjoying life go hand in hand, whilst understanding that this periodis also where they will draw on experiences that will help them cope with real life situations.


We understand that life can’t all be about studies and academics. Our institution is also well equipped to provide alternative forms of entertainment like a music system, a common TV for each block and some indoor games. Old classical movies are played every Saturday.  Movies are however not played during the exam period. Apart from this, Sundays are off days and the students are free to be of their own as per the daily schedule.

News Paper

Life is never properly understood or neither the world, without getting to know the surroundings and the world proceedings. We provide newspapers for the students.

Dining Services

The dining halls have always been the area of social life. This holds true even at  Sree Vidyanikethan. It is spacious and can accommodate 900 students at the same time. The food served is hygienic and nutritious. The kitchen is equipped with modern cooking gadgets and is hygienically maintained.

Our mess is maintained by a qualified catering manager, who knows Nutrition and Dietetics. The cafeteria-style menu is varied and well balanced, offering choices of vegetarian/Non Vegetarian and catering, where necessary for special dietary need. We have mineral water plant supplying 24hrs bacteria free drinking water to hostel, cafeteria, and class rooms.


The College has six hostel blocks, each having with the capacity to accommodate 100 students. The hostel blocks are constructed in a manner that aerially they depict the letter BABU M, the name of our beloved Chairman. Each block is divided into 10-15 dormitories, which can accommodate 8-12 students each. All the dorms are spacious and well ventilated with windows covered with mesh. The toilets, washrooms and bath areas are hygienic. The whole campus is under round the clock security, with more than 40 security guards who are mostly ex-service men. The campus also enjoys 24hrs uninterrupted power supply. The campus has a tuck shop where toiletries, stationary, light snacks and confectioneryare available.

Mail services

Our College takes immense pride in claiming that it is no less than other reputed college when it comes to the state-of-the-art computer lab(in addition to e-class rooms) with 1160 computers of Pentium 4 processors. It is supplemented with 24-hour internet connectivity.

It is open on Sundays and Holidays for some fixed hours so that the students enjoy and learn things faster with the help of multimedia.


Scholarships are provided to those students who are keen to learn but have no means. Students from BC, SC and ST would be given concessions. Scholarship based on Merit is also given to the hard working candidates. The College nurtures each individual so that each one explores and realize their inner potential. We firmly believe that every individual is unique and distinct, endowed with special innate talents and aptitude.


We provide transportation for the day-scholars who commute from different places, in Tirupati. Buses are provided on convenient basis. We provide a fleet of buses for the school and college students.

Health & Safety

In the Campus, SVEI Students are truly part of the tempo and excitement of the SVEI campus and beyond. SVEI is committed to safety, wellness education, and outstanding healthcare as part of the Institutions. We have got 24hrs medical facility available on campus, with two qualified staff nurses and regular visits by the General Physician hired by our school.

We believe that if the students are healthy, they themselves create a healthy and a pleasant atmosphere. All safety devices are available on the Campus at the time of emergency. We provide Student Health Center and from this year onwards we are also going to provide Student health Insurance, which is only for the betterment of the pupil.